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From Regular to Remarkable: 365 Motivational Quotes for a Positive Life – Book Review

From Regular to Remarkable by Dr. Roopleen Prasad is a book of 365 motivational quotes to brighten up your days.

Book Reviews

Happy To Meet Me: 201+ Self-discovery secrets by Calista J. McBride

Happy To Meet Me: 201+ Self-discovery secrets to power up your self-esteem and recognize your self-worth by Calista J. McBride is a self-help journal about discovering healthy thoughts that enable you to create a life you love.

Book Reviews

The Art of Clear Thinking by Patrick King – Book Review

The Art of Clear Thinking by Patrick King is a gem of a book that is filled with vital information to direct you toward clear thinking.

Book Reviews

Indistractable by Nir Eyal – Book Review

In his book Indistractable, Nir explains the distractions surrounding us, how they take roots deep beneath technology or smartphone, for that matter, and how abstinence is not the proper solution.


Mental Health Awareness – How to get away with the Mental Health Issue?

It was World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October and the entire social media was flooded with people talking about it. The theme for this year was "Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the World.”


Stop Comparing And Start Living! – Path To A Fulfilling Life

Stuck between accepting our true self and trying to mold and fit into others' frames of expectations, we certainly spend our entire lives fidgeting with the two contrasting thoughts.

Guest Post

Anger – Not Just a 5 Letter Word by Anindya Rakshit

Just a five letter word and it has enslaved the whole world that we live in today……how incredible that can be……don’t you think….? And yes, anger is our worst enemy.


Being Flawsome – Poem

Being Flawsome means to be awesome with your flaws. Irrespective of the cracks in your soul, if one chooses to be happy and constantly strive to do better, one is rightly said to be flawsome. Here's a poem that talks about embracing your flaws!