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Mahavir: Conqueror of the Self | Arvind Bhandari

Mahavir: Conqueror of the Self by Arvind Bhandari is a beautiful story of how Mahavir realized his true self to serve the world. The story is told from his daughter, Priyadarshini's perspective, who is angry at her father for leaving his family.

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Book Review – INFiNITY by Minal Arora

Infinity is the journey of Earth from her creation to this moment, as received from her. This book is an endeavor to convey the true purpose of human existence through time and beyond.

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Mango People In Banana Republic – Book Review

We all are in the pursuit of who we are and what the significance of our existence is. This quest of truth and meaning fuel our aspirations and lead us in the crowd. Read the review of this amazing book to broaden your perceptions.