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Interview: Sreedhar Bevara, Author of Moment of Signal

In a candid conversation, Sreedhar talked about him becoming a writer, his corporate life, his writing, and his upcoming books.

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The Last Love Letter by Kulpreet Yadav – Book Review

Letters are one of the ancient and most beautiful forms of communication. The Last Love Letter by Kulpreet Yadav is yet another manifestation of the timeless beauty of letters.

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High School Queens (The High School Queens Trilogy Book 1) by Zachary Ryan – Book Review

High School Queens (Book 1) is a fast-paced and riveting account of the typical American High-School Drama where the author explores the variety of issues teenagers face while growing up.

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Sidereal Destiny by Vaishnavi Sanoj – Book Review

The Indian culture has been obsessed with the astrology and predictions pertaining to life and death based on the position of stars and celestial bodies. It is this astrology fanaticism which forms the spine of the book Sidereal Destiny. 


Stop Comparing And Start Living! – Path To A Fulfilling Life

Stuck between accepting our true self and trying to mold and fit into others' frames of expectations, we certainly spend our entire lives fidgeting with the two contrasting thoughts.

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Author Interview – T. Sathish: Author of Life in the Sunshine

Author T. Sathish is an avid sports fan who writes columns regularly in a sports magazine. Here we bring to you a sneak peek into his life and views on books and reading.

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Where Will Man Take Us?: The bold story of the man technology is creating – Book Review

Where Will Man Take Us? is an elaborate account of how mankind is impacted by the highly advanced automation. In the moment of expeditiously changing landscape, how far we'll go?


Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship Before It’s Too Late

A letter to all the girls reminding them to know when is the right time to take an exit. Don't stay in a toxic relationship just for the heck of it.

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Narasimha: The Mahaavtaar Trilogy – Book Review

The story is primarily about Narasimha's redemption. He is longing to make amends for his past deeds. He decides to right his wrong and move ahead in life peacefully. But would the path be smooth?