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Chronicle Of A Death Foretold – Book Review

Chronicle Of A Death Foretold is a gripping story that portrays the shame of the society which believes in the virginity of a woman only if she can produce a crimson stain on the white sheet after her first night.

Author Interview

Author Interview – Jitendra Anand

Jitendra Anand believes in surviving tough times and moving ahead in life. In this candid conversation, he spoke at length about how he ventured in this literary world, with a Civil Engineering background.

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I Am Always Here With You – Book Review

I Am Always Here With You is a heartwarming story of Kartik and Ashima, the two love birds who fell in love in their teenage, that stands upright amidst all rough storms.

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Investing, Trading & Speculation In India – Book Review

Investing, Trading & Speculation in India is an excellent book on the subject of stock markets. Written in a lucid language with supporting evidence and anecdotes make this book a truly informative read.