Chrissie Ship

Being a first time author I feel so lucky to have had Khyati review my book, ‘The Secret of The Old Willow Tree and Other Stories’. Bookish Fame has such an amazing web site and Khyati is so professional alongside being a really approachable person.
Any questions I have had have been answered fully and promptly, enhancing my experience of having something published.
Thank you so much Khyati. Good luck for everything you do in the future.


A very genuine, approachable book worm indeed…. It feels really good to find someone among many book reviewers on Instagram in this period of time… And Khyati is outstanding and her passion for all genres of books… Her passion for reading is actually very commendable… Thank you so much Khyati for reviewing my brother’s book.. And I’m glad you liked it… Thank you… Thank you so much…

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