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Author Interview | Marion Hill | Diondray’s Discovery

Diondray’s Discovery‘ by Marion Hill is a story of truth, the truth that fights to come out, of an unrelenting desire to stand with the truth, come what may. After reading the first one, I am eager to read book 2 of the trilogy to find out how will Diondray navigate his way through the traces of history and vestiges of malice.

In a quick chat with Bookish Fame, Marion spilled beans about his book, his writing journey, and what to expect next. Excerpts below.

  • Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m Marion Hill and I live in San Antonio, Texas USA. I’m the author of 5 books:  The Diondray’s Chronicles series (Diondray’s Discovery, Diondray’s Journey, & Diondray’s Roundabout) and my book review anthology series, Marion’s 25 Volume 1 & 2.  I’m a husband, father of two (18-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter), music lover (Jazz, Latin Music, Brazilian Music, and R&B), and a wine lover that I post about regularly on my Instagram page.  Malbec is my favorite type of wine.

  • When did it dawn upon you that you wanted to be a writer?

I have always written stories and created my own fictional worlds since childhood. It dawned on me to become a writer when I finished writing my first novel,  Diondray’s Discovery.

  • What inspires you to write books? What are the things which catch your attention?

I have always been a storyteller since childhood. And I wanted to write stories that reflect the diversity of humankind and bring people together. Culture catches my attention whether it’s art, music, books, or food.  Those are things that inspire me.

  • Tell something in brief about your latest book? 

Marion’s 25 is my latest book coming out on October 5th.  It is the second volume of my Marion’s 25 Book Review Anthology series.  I have been a book review blogger since 2011 and I decided to create a book series of my favorite 25 books at a time that I have reviewed.  I read widely across the spectrum and my Marion’s 25 series reflect that reading diversity.

  • How do you organize yourself, as a writer, to keep track of the world you’re writing about?

I’m a note talker and I have spiral notebooks as well as my Macbook Pro where keep organized with the writing and notes I have taken over the years.

  • When you were young, did you ever see writing as a career or a full-time profession?

I did not see myself as a writer when I was younger.  That changed after writing Diondray’s Discovery and my goal is to become a full-time writer.

  • How did you approach the writing process this time around? Do you have a set routine or does it vary? And how do you manage it with your full-time work?

I’m a morning writer. Getting words written between 5 and 6 a.m. sets up my entire day. I usually 5 to 6 days a week.  It has been easy to manage with my full-time job.  Would love to have more time to write.  But getting in the morning before work makes the difference.

  • How would you describe the contemporary scenario of writing and reading around the world?

I’m not sure how to answer the first part of your question.  However, I believe it is essential to read around the world.  Storytelling is a universal human experience and everyone has a story to tell.  I’m currently participating in Women In Translation Month since it is August. I’m going to four novels from women writers in places like Japan, Mexico, & Germany.  I plan to read more novels around the world going forward in my reading life.

  • How crucial are marketing and promotions when it comes to selling a book?
Diondray's Discovery (Diondray's Chronicles Book 1), Marion Hill, Book Review
Diondray’s Discovery (Diondray’s Chronicles Book 1)

Marketing and promotions are crucial.  Writing books is a business especially as an independent author means everything.  Writers must learn the business of writing. 

  • Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?

Good question.  I don’t have one favorite author but several favorite authors.  Charles de Lint is probably the one author I would consider a favorite author.  He is a Canadian fantasy author and his stories set in the city of Newford are excellent.  Memory & Dream, Trader, Dreams Underfoot are good books to try out from him.  Octavia Butler, Jorge Amado, Ralph Ellison, Robert Silverberg, and Guy Gavriel Kay are favorites as well. 

  • Any advice you would like to give to aspiring writers.

My advice for aspiring writers is to write to you, love.  Write what truly interests you or peaks your curiosity.  That enthusiasm will show up in your writing and readers can tell if it is authentic or not.   Learn the business of writing.  It is essential for a long-term career.

  • Are we going to hear more from you in the future?  

I’m currently writing a novel set in Kammbia titled Ciscoe’s Dance.  It is due to release in Spring 2021.  If you have read Diondray’s Roundabout, Book 3 of the Diondray’s Chronicles series.  I have taken two characters, Ciscoe and Latisha Maldonado from the city of Walter’s Grove and decided to tell their story living in that city.

*We wish Author Marion Hill all the best for his future endeavors.* 

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