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Hamartia | Sharanya Singh | Book Review

Hamartia by Sharanya Singh is a collection of 20 poems that speak of tragedy, loss, numbing pain, and hope. Listless thoughts cloud this collection as we traverse through one poem after the other.

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Broken & Wild | E.R. King | Book Review

Broken & Wild by E.R. King is a collection of poems on love, longing, heartbreak, and a stunning evolution. The poems showcase the maddening love and the unbridled passion that comes to an end following a betrayal.

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What Goes into a Butterfly? | Sunil Rajagopal | Book Review

What Goes into a Butterfly? by Sunil Rajagopal is a refreshing collection of some lovely poems that span a variety of unique themes.

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What If Rainbows Were Your Shadows? | Anusha Veluswamy | Book Review

What If Rainbows Were Your Shadows? by Anusha Veluswamy is a collection of visceral poems rocking you back and forth, as you flip the pages.

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Today is a Little Too Precious | Shruthi Sharma | Book Review

Today is a Little Too Precious by Shruthi Sharma is a poetry collection that rhythmically tells a story, a story of a girl.

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She Was A Warrior All Along | Lezel Simons | Book Review

'She Was A Warrior All Along' by Lezel Simons is a collection of poems dealing with love, heartbreak, and eventual inclination toward self-love.

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Reflections of a Mind | Gurmeet Singh | Book Review

Reflections of a Mind by Gurmeet Singh is a lovely collection of some profound poems. Set in the 69 pages, this poetry book talks poetry in a beautiful way.

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The Told Secrets | Joyeeta Chandra | Book Review

The Told Secrets by Joyeeta Chandra is a collection of poems focusing on a woman. The book is divided into four segments, namely - Finding Peace/ Courage/ Strength/ Love.

Author Interview

Author in Focus | Shreesh Kakkar, author of Connections

On this World Book Day, we bring to you an exclusive interview of the young poet and author Shreesh Kakkar where he talks about his book, his writing, and his views on reading.