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The Audric Experiment by Patrick Barnes – Book Review

  • Author: Patrick Barnes
  • Paperback: 302 pages
  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub (29 December 2016)
  • Language: English

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Can we create a world with no depression? In 2328 England, they did just that. They call their society Audric – a place where there is no depression because of cybernetics, and where bad decisions are met with a bracelet-shock and a mind-altering dream. Pierre Morena, the only seventeen-year-old who has never been shocked by his bracelet, wakes up in an infirmary with no memory of why. It seems a Christian group, permitted by the Audric government, took an interest in him, and the Audric Earnings Authority may want him dead. What follows is his quest to survive, befriending a beautiful mysterious girl who possesses some of the answers he needs, and uncovering secrets that are as close to him as his own family. But before Pierre leaves the infirmary, he may have to cut a secret deal with Audric because Pierre is about to have his first bracelet-shock. Filled with twists, philosophy, and a story that is as engaging as it is thought-provoking, The Audric Experiment will have you reading deep into the night to find out what will happen to the only seventeen-year-old who everyone thinks has never been shocked by his bracelet.

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Futuristic sci-fi don’t go well with me and this probably was the reason why it took me s long a time to finish this book but now that I am done with it, I would say, go for it.

The Audric Experiment by Patrick Barnes is a story set in the imaginary society of Audric in the year 2328, England. It is the world with zero depression and where people get shocks on their wrong decisions. Getting shocked makes you impure. The premise itself is enough to brace ourselves for a baffling journey ahead.

The protagonist is a seventeen-year-old Pierre Morena who makes it to seventeen without any shocks thus earning him a name, Pure Pierre. And the plot of the story revolves around how he did get a shock or so people think, how he runs into a beautiful girl, how things unfold as he attempts to break out of the infirmary.

I liked the setting of the story. It is well-paced and quite engaging. Set in the future, it gets a little unbelievable but the author makes sure that the reader is comfortable reading. The narrative is smooth with lucid writing. What enchanted me the most was the inclusion of ideas of great thinkers in the story. I loved reading the philosophical ideas of Neitzche, Russell, etc. All in all, the book is really good and would definitely indulge readers who like thrill and adventure with a tinge of philosophy and humour.


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