Prisoned in Love…



Rayirth Kapoor, nine years ago made his American dream come true when he got admission to pursue MBA program from New York University. In the coming seven years he found a magnificent job and a wife to die for but never even in his deadliest dreams he assumed his life will give him a somersault. Now he is suffering from insomnia, since the past two years, he never slept. Doctors say it’s a rare kind of disease but Rayirth knew the actual reason of his complete sleeplessness. Whenever lights betrayed and nights fall, a small girl wearing white frock covered in blood whose half face is scorched like a rubber tire follows him. He knew the reason of his illness is breathing in the State penitentiary and he needed to rendezvous him inside the deadliest prison of America.

Will Rayirth be able to get over his insomnia? Will he get his answers?


‘Prisoned in Love’ by Vaiibhav Nigam is a suspense thriller that leaves you in awe and tears as you reach the end of the book. A tale of love that disgusts you, scares the hell out of you and keeps you at the edge of your seat. A dark fiction is hard to find these days and this book has set a benchmark for the Indian writers, in my view.

The riveting plotline has been crafted with extreme precision. The coherence binds the reader to the story. The proper alignment of the present, as well as the past of Rayirth, is meticulously planned. As you flow with the course of the story, you’ll find yourself in those dungeons feeling each thing that is happening right in the parallel world of fantasy. Everything appears vivid and the characters seem to come out of the book and frighten you. I was completely glued to the book. With each chapter, the curiosity rises to know as to what shall happen next!

The storytelling of the author is worth mentioning here. It is stupendous. The manner in which he spun a story around a gloomy backdrop is fantastic. When the entire market is flooded with romantic lovey-dovey novels, this mature work by the author is amazing.

Though I would suggest a revision must be done because there were few printing mistakes/ grammatical glitches present in the book. If this is rectified, the book is surely Flawless!

The cover of the book is fine but the title absolutely compliments the narrative. It was the loss of his love that took Rayirth behind the bars to avenge the wrong done to his family. It was the misery of his incomplete life that directed him to take solace in the prison and punish the one who snatched his soul from him.

The character of Rayirth was totally enticing. It intrigued me the most. The mastermind protagonist executed his plan perfectly and did justice to his lost ones. Moreover, it is the flair of the author that brought alive an imaginary character.

If you love thriller and the mystery is your cup of tea, then definitely go for this book!




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