The Three Psychos…





ISBN: 978-93-86469-04-5


The mind is the most powerful beast that resides in human. It has the potential to create as well as destruct. It could be a catastrophic entity or an object worthy of sheer admiration. One would wonder how such a minuscule thing could have such enormous impact. This book justifies all the theories.



DE22912: A naked man is trapped inside a white box. His only company: DE22912. How long can he survive?

Patient Number 9: A hospitalized patient, fondly called Number 9, must save Earth from an alien attack by blue pig-like creatures. The countdown has just begun.

Six Bullets: An angry sixteen-year-old gets hold of a loaded revolver and is determined to make use of all six bullets. And no, it’s not a toy.


“The Three Psychos” by Yash Pawaskar is a gripping novel that encompasses three thrilling stories.

The dark fiction is my favorite and this book just enhanced my love and admiration for it. The title is simple and describes the theme of the book appropriately. Moreover, the plain black cover accentuated the mysterious aura of the novel.

The plotline is riveting and is written in a highly organized manner to keep the reader at the edge of his seats till the end. The lives of three men are portrayed to be intertwined with the three stories. Their enigmatic behavior hooks the reader’s attention instantly. All of the three men suffer from some or the other mental challenge. They are slaves of their minds that drive them into performing immoral or threatening acts. Their mind controls them. The whip of the beast makes them insane to commit gruesome deeds. As the narrative progresses, one would easily be transported into the dark lives of the protagonists.

The brevity of the novel as well as fluency of the narrative is appreciable. The storytelling of the author brought alive the three lives lingering somewhere in the deepest corners of our hearts. Each one of us can be tamed by our minds. The gamble is about who allows the mind to dominate over his/her conscience.

It is the second book of the author and displays his literary prowess effectively. I am sure that he has a lot more in store for the readers.

If you love the taste of mystery/psychological thriller, then this book is perfect for you to savor those genres. A short, concise and wonderful book worthy of being kept at your bookshelves.


Yash Pawaskar is a multifaceted personality. He is an author, poet, reader, traveler, photography enthusiast, cricket fanatic, movie buff, music lover, and continues to discover himself and the world around. Yash holds an MBA degree and works in the Content industry. He stepped into the literary world with his much-loved debut novel ‘When We Clicked – A Twisted Love Story?’ and his short stories are a part of several anthologies. The Three Psychos is his second book.

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