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With Love, Forever by Kavya Janani U. – Book Review

  • Author: Kavya Janani U.
  • Genre: Romance
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 403 pages
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

The vibrant 11th grader Bhavana had never believed that love was a powerful force until it happened to her – for the first time, towards a stranger who was as different from her as could be. A Tamil girl from a privileged background suddenly finds herself head over heels for a Marwari textile shopkeeper, Jairam, a stranger she knew precious little about. In the world that is just at the cusp of the technology boom, Bhavana’s love story takes baby steps, with support from her friends amidst their dubious questions. But before it has a chance to develop into a full-fledged relationship, Jairam disappears without a trace. Her desperate searches on the fledgling social media giving no results, Bhavana has no means to contact him or even assure herself of his well-being.

Six years and a few life-altering experiences later, Bhavana embarks on a journey to the Pink City, Jaipur, in search of Jairam. Armed only with five love letters devoid of any personal identification details, she travels 2185 kilometers in search of answers, closure, and lost love.

Will her subsequent heartbreaks have changed her as a person? Was her love towards Jairam going to be tested? Would she know the answers she was seeking, and if she did, would she like them?

My Review

Love knows no language barriers, no differences of cultures, no separateness between caste or status. It is a culture in itself and one who accepts it, will be free and untamable forever!

The purity of love is extolled through the art and literature spread across centuries and vast landscapes. It is this emotion that carries the essence of innocence and finds itself battling with ecstasy, longing, heartbreak, and pain. But does the negative stop us from anticipating the positive?

With Love, Forever by Kavya Janani U. is a heartwarming tale of Bhavana and Jairam. Both of them love each other and their hearts ache to unite with one another but destiny takes its own sweet time to test their passion and bring them together.

In the first few pages, I could not decipher what would lay ahead of me in this story. There was the mention of some letters written by Jairam and addresses to Bhavana which were found by some strangers. But the manner in which the story took the turn surprised me. And there began the brewing love story of young and naive hearts.

The book portrays how the love triumphs over the odds stacked against it. The book also delves into the adolescent heart and speaks out its innocence and naivety. It also enwraps the themes of unconditional love, friendship, the love of our parents, the value of family, and the divides that exist in society. The story didn’t completely appear fresh to me but it was presented well. There were points where I was literally comparing it to the regular daily soap’s plots. The frantic search Bhavana threw herself in to find Jairam in an alien city was beautiful and strikingly familiar. Don’t we find similar things happening in every love story?

The story worked well according to its potential. I liked it for it expresses true love which is rarely seen in modern times. It stands for the significance of love – hold on to the one you love. The development of the characters has been done well through all the years and changes they underwent. I didn’t really come to love the character of Bhavana for I find her utterly hasty to fall in love and ends up fighting her inner self. She does depict the raw nerves of a young girl in love but fails to impress me. Jairam was fine.

The narration was simple and fell flat for me. A more polished narrative would have worked in favor of the book. The story itself could be improved and refined to make it different and not vaguely cliche one. In fact, I see a potential for coming up with good storylines in the author and I would love to explore that in her future works. Also, I found bits of errors (typos) here and there which didn’t go well with me. So, a round of editing is recommended.

Special mention for a lovely cover and an equally amazing title. ‘With Love, Forever’ turned out to be a befitting pick for this book.


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  1. Nice review , I think I have given you my book ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES” to write . What happens/


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