10 Things Only People Who Can’t Stop Learning Would Understand

Are you a lifelong learner or someone who wants to become one?

There are people around you who crave knowledge. They are curious, they are hustlers. There’s nothing that makes them happier than learning. They make efforts in growing their learning curve exponentially. They wouldn’t mind working hard for the same.

Here are the 10 things only people who can’t stop learning would understand

  1. They cannot stop buying books, especially non-fiction. Why? Books are one of the most ancient and sacred forms of knowledge. And non-fiction reads give enough food for thought to lifelong learners.
  2. They wouldn’t mind asking questions. If there’s something that piques their curiosity, they would make all the possible effort for knowing it.
  3. They view sound education as a portfolio with multiple components. Thus, they believe in learning to earn. Every new form of knowledge would make them more efficient and valuable.
  4. They know the importance of extracurriculars too. They would delve into their hobbies and interests to get something more than mere fun.
  5. They’d know the social aspect of learning. Learning introduces to different people with knowledge and intellect. Thus, this camaraderie with well-educated individuals only helps in refining your personality.
  6. They are aware of the fact that reading books is just the first step. Bringing the key learning to action aids in improving the overall quality of life.
  7. Lifelong learners know how to get knowledge on a budget. Be it digital books available in public domain or sites such as Coursera, Udemy, and edX, they’d utilize the resources to sharpen and upscale themselves.
  8. They pay attention to learning in their conversations. They believe that every person can offer some valuable knowledge to them.
  9. They schedule their learning. How? They might keep an hour or so aside at any time of day to indulge seriously and deeply with the process of learning. Discipline helps every individual. Period.
  10. Finally, they resort to journaling. Writing down their thoughts makes them composed and clear in their head. They reflect upon the happenings and stay connected with themselves. As we know, a person who knows himself is enlightened.

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15 thoughts on “10 Things Only People Who Can’t Stop Learning Would Understand

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    I feel so good after reading your article! Your article has a lot of practical tips that a learner could use. Thank you so much for doing so!

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