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13 Worlds | J. J. Hair | Book Review

  • Author: J. J. Hair
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 104 pages
  • Language: English

Book Review

13 Worlds by J. J. Hair is a delightful adventure that dwells into the mystery and realm of the universe. The book is about a group of people directed by the Guide to destroy the 13 planets out there. The natives of these 13 planets are developing a CRISPR technique, a DNA-editing technology that can benefit mankind. But Commander Cullen, Reeves, and a group of crew members are on a mission to destroy those plans. Will they succeed?

The book starts off with a story of a normal household. There are 2 parents and their 3 children – 2 sons and a daughter. One son has got some behavior problems, everyone’s scared of him, while other often slips into the dark world. And then after a few pages, we come across spaceships with crew members trying to foil the plans od different scientists. Quite thrilling. right?

I enjoyed reading this book that had a peculiarly different storyline. The transition of the household to spaceships was subtle. And though it left me a bit confused, I was amazed to read what followed it. In fact, there was a point where I could liken the element discussed in the book to the novel coronavirus (I think pandemic is taking some toll on me)! The narrative was fast-paced and things happened swiftly. The writing is fine and the concept, pretty cool. It also brings up a few moral questions as the scientists on other planets work to create Supremes!

I found the ending abrupt or maybe I was so involved that I needed something more. Perhaps, it was a cliffhanger! And if that’s the case, I would be thrilled to read more about what happens next in the Universe.


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