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THE BREAKTHROUGH: 11 Trailblazers. One Movement. | Megha Bajaj

  • Author: Megha Bajaj
  • Publisher: Rupa Publications India (20 August 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 488 pages

Book Review

What is the most inspirational book you’ve ever read?

The Breakthrough by Megha Bajaj is a collection of stories of 11 trailblazers who’ve defined their success with the breakthroughs. This book essentially brings out those quintessential moments from their lives that have the ability to inspire us in a distinctive way. The stories come from different walks of life, and each one has a different taste to it.

We all come across the breakthrough moments in life. They are essential in shaping our lives. They’re important in making us who we go on to become later in life. This book comprises stories of eleven people who grabbed the key moments in their life and made them better. They were born ordinary, but they went on to become extraordinary. Their stories constitute their dark days, silent struggles, eureka moments, indomitable spirit, and a sweet success that comes after sheer hard work.

The Breakthrough stands apart from most inspirational books in the way that it has a variety of stories. While all of them inspire, each inspires in a different manner. Also, each individual mentioned in the book has gone through a spiritual awakening, and their guru happens to be Mahatria. Their encounters with their guru and the eventual transformation in them are a delight to read.

I loved how the author has compiled these unique stories in a single volume. Her writing reflects her poetic mind and spiritual heart. Now because the language is pretty easy and smooth, one would be easily able to read the text. However, if you’d want to enjoy it better, I suggest reading one story at a time. Let it sink in. Absorb the significance of breakthrough moments and recognize the ones in your life.

If you’re looking for an inspirational read that captivates you with its narrative and narration, go ahead with The Breakthrough. You’ll love it 🙂

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