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What The Pandemic Learned From Me by Anindita Das

  • Publisher: Evince Pub (14 June 2021)
  • Genre: Humour
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 111 pages

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Pandemic brought extreme fatigue and gloominess. Either people were running around to save their loved ones or simply stay put amid the growing anxiety. Mental health has certainly gone for a toss while the number of covid cases reached new highs. And, while the storm might look waning, it is far from over. We all deserve some light-hearted humour, and this is exactly what this book serves generously.

Amid all the ‘what I learned from the pandemic,’ Anindita Das presents us What the Pandemic Learned from Me. It is an ode to the fatal virus, to the pain, it brought to us, without warning. Comprising 18 open letters that cover a variety of relatable themes, this book would prove to be an ideal companion with a mug of your favourite beverage.

A few letters I would specifically want to mention are addressed to the vaccine, social media, work-life balance, book the title, and mine is better than yours. One would find themselves relating to some part of these 18 letters that are hilarious and entertaining. They talk about the ‘virus,’ the people who found new hobbies, the surge of influencers, and a life that was buried under the weight of increasing work expectations.

I loved the refreshing writing here. It is a result of the author’s musings and lived experiences. With the convenience of language and satirical tone, reading this book turned out to be a joy ride. What stood out for me was the sheer creativity and imagination that shows up in some of the most amusing terms used in the book. For instance, To kill a mocking virus!

The book ends on an optimistic note cajoling us to hang on to hope and look for a silver lining amid doom. If you are looking for a fun read that keeps you amused and makes you break into a streak of laughter, read it.

Purchase the book here Paperback Ebook

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