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Tandem Walk | C. A. Verghese | Book Review

  • Published: 9 November 2021
  • Paperback: 180 pages
  • Reading age: 18 years and up

Book Review

What appears is seldom true.

Our interpretation of reality could be influenced by our deep-seated impressions, notions, experiences, and more.

The depth of one’s perceptions holds profound meaning. It contains knowledge. Luminescence.

Tandem Walk by C.A. Verghese is a collection of the author’s experiences that dwell deeper on seemingly mundane things. Each chapter is a window into his life that opens a reader to novel possibilities and perceptions.

The author belongs to a Science background. So, most of his experiences revolve around his interactions with people coming from similar walks of life. This brings in some scientific terms in the narrative. However, the author’s writing, which essentially is a blend of facts and taut storytelling, makes the content comprehensible.

This memoir gives us a glimpse into superstition, science, and a lot more diverse areas. The author has had a diverse mix of experiences with people coming from different places. Furthermore, each experiential chapter leaves readers with some food for thought.

For instance, the chapter ‘In the Dead of Night’ sheds light on the hazards of following one’s leader based on illusions.

This book traverses from Nilgiris to Leh to Kerala. It is not limited to a place or time. Its narrative flows freely and seamlessly. And probably this is why I ended up enjoying it.

Tandem Walk is simple in its approach. It offers us room to read, grasp, and ponder. It lets us feel the beauty of human interactions. It allows us to think over prevalent conditions.

At some points, the book might not interest people for its flat writing. However, if you’re in for some exciting bit, a peek into one’s life of myriad experiences, give it a shot.

The book is best suited for reading one chapter at a time 🙂

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