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A New Dawn – Book Review

  • Author: Kamini Kusum
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: HALF BAKED BEANS (14 May 2018)


Shravan is a son of a rickshaw puller and Mugdha, daughter of a Railway officer. He has lived in penury while she has had all the material comforts. He dreams of being a soldier and serving the motherland while she lives in the world of colors. Childhood friendship converts into pure love ignoring the boundaries of a bungalow and its servant quarter. However, fate has some other plans and tears apart the two innocent souls, throwing Shravan into a life that has thorns all its way. Will the two live their dreams?
Will destiny bring them together again?


I read a book by the author – Secrets, Sins & Struggles – long back and so, I was anticipating something really good. But to my dismay, the book didn’t out to be well. It is good enough for a newbie but to grab the attention of a regular reader would be a herculean task for this one.

The book is all about a poor but brilliant guy Shravan and his childhood love, Mugdha. He struggles hard and despite oddities manages to hold the hands of his sweetheart followed by a painful separation. The plot is good and inspiring at instances where Shravan is shown to brave the challenges put in front of him when he goes beyond his age to help his family and when he toils to just bring his one dream come true. His mettle is proved when the despair of losing his father does not deter him from going forward for his dreams. He handles all the situations maturely to reach where he aspires to.

The love is the central theme of this book and it is the genre I usually not prefer. Perhaps this is why the book didn’t capture me. The motivational account of the protagonist emerging out of his ordeals, the passionate love, longing for seeing your beloved, the honesty, dedication, jealousy, the atrocities a woman is subjected to in our society, the importance of high values – all run through the book.

One thing that didn’t surface well for me was the plotline. It lacked the freshness visibly. The narration was good but not engaging enough to hook the readers to the book. I am impressed by the story of Shravan whose life is exemplary and inspiring. Nonetheless, the overstretched drama of Jhanvi seems to be a misfit. It felt more of a daily soap drama to me wherein the vamp tries to bring problems and creates the ruckus in the lives of the happily living lead characters. The narration is nice along with the development of characters. Not only the protagonist, the author took care of the side characters as well. They are given enough space to show themselves up!

I look forward to reading something fascinating and intriguing from the author.

The rookies in the world of reading and the ones who like to read a simple fictional stuff can go for this book.

Grab Your Copy A New Dawn


Book Cover: 3/5

Book Title: 4/5

Plotline: 3.5/5

Writing Style: 3.5/5

Narration: 3/5

Language and Vocabulary: 3/5

Grammar and Punctuation: 3/5



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