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To Naddiyaa – Book Review

  • Author:  Kavya Sharma
  • Pages: 186
  • Genre: Romance fiction
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.; First edition (21 August 2018)

“I love you, maybe a little more than yesterday, maybe a little less than tomorrow.”


Nadia has spent a large part of her youth behind the bars. She has been scrutinized and subjected to atrocities of men. Her face reflects her struggle and pain, the pain of not being able to realize the truth a long ago. Her time ends at the grim place and she moves out to meet her son, Iman. Iman takes her mother to her home and reads out letters of her mad lover who died years ago. Nadia is overwhelmed with so many revelations. What was written in those letters? Who was Nadia’s mad lover? How did she end up living a life amidst utter misery?

My Review

A lyrical narrative wrapped in the comely emotion of love, ornamented with wonderful characters and attractive expressions of life, a heartwarming story, a heart-breaking story, a painfully beautiful story – To Naddiyaa.

This book under consideration didn’t make my head but for the very first time, my heart heavy. With each page I turned, with each word I absorbed, with each trace of pain and love I inhaled, my heart ached. It still aches. My heart devoured what was served in between the lines and surprisingly, longs for more. A story ended in 186 pages but continues to live in my heart for its beauty is imperishable.

To Naddiyaa is titled so because it contains the letters, letters from a mad lover or his lover. Rightly, words are the best means to speak and express, words which aren’t kept on the tongue but spilled on paper. A symphonious backdrop of the book made it tempting for me to read it in a go. I couldn’t let go of Durjoy who craves Nadia yet stays away for he knows that love doesn’t have to flourish under the aegis of proximity to remain alive.

The story behind the book might seem a bit depressing to some because Durjoy just pines for Nadia throughout the book. He never manages to speak his heart out. He lives with her deception, her naivety and tolerates the bruises of a stab. He loves Nadia nonetheless and that is important, more important than anything else. After this book, I have realized that there does exist a heavenly emotion above love which couldn’t be named but deserves to be felt and recognized in all its honor. That higher level which one attains when love refuses to be bound in words and lust, Durjoy reached there. And his journey is achingly beautiful. He fails in accepting his love in front of Nadia ad yet succeeds in living with her love.

Life will make you wait long enough to smile at your failures and cry at your successes.

I flowed with the author’s words. The writing style was different and struck a chord with my heart. The characters have been crafted really well. The poor state of women comes out wonderfully in the book. The patriarchal society has taken a toll on the emotions of women. The book is a telling account of the same. No doubt, the book is a treasure to savor.

However, I found a few typos here and there. I would suggest undergoing the book through a round of editing. Rest, the narration is amazing. It is actually, in all true sense, spellbinding.



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