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Sense And Sensibility – Book Review

  • Author: Jane Austen
  • Paperback: 392 pages
  • Publisher: Amazing Reads (2010)
  • Language: English

My Review

A heart-warming tale of two sisters, Elinor and Marianne, and their navigation through the roadblocks on their path to love is what Sense & Sensibility all about. One of them is emotionally weak and impulsive in her demeanor while the other is subtle and stable in hiding her emotional disappointment. How do they find their love amidst the clamor of love and status is highlighted in the book.

This was my first read from Jane Austen. True to its title, this novel teaches how both sense, as well as sensibility, are important to find happiness. Through the characters sketched by Austen, she highlights the intricacies of human behavior. Elinor is portrayed as a well-behaved and sensible young lady who takes her grief in her stride and manages to keep her emotional turmoil hidden. On the other hand, Marianne after being abandoned by a suitor finds it terribly hard to cope with the pain. She is sick an is dring herself crazy. She becomes more pale with hatred and misery looming large on her being. To be honest, Marianne’s character though being realistic didn’t impress me.

Set in the ‘Victorian’ times, the book piqued my interest right at the beginning because of the sophistication with which Austen handled her plot. She introduced and described all the characters so well that I found them lively. With a stunningly engaging writing style which is all dipped in poise and grace, the author paints the Victorian era. Also, I was brought closer to the fictional reality created by her due to her sheer finesse at weaving a compelling narrative. All the characters have been given ample space in the book and that made it a striking read.

Though it is a classic book, Austen rightly hints at the power her female protagonists exert on their lives. I loved when Marianne says,” I could not be happy with a man whose taste did not in every point coincide with my own.” This assertion of hers is empowering for all the women who settle for something less than what they rightfully deserve. Women often submit themselves to their heartbreaks and are pictured as fragile creatures. But here, Elinor breaks off the walls of that prejudice and emerges as a fine young woman who handles her disappointment maturely and strongly.

Agreed, that the book is pretty thick and due to its thickness and richness of the language and expressions might seem heavy to your head, but if you stick to it, you are sure to have an amazing reading experience. The book would demand you to patiently grasp the content and you’ll have to give it. Only then would it indulge you in the most interesting manner. With my first read from Austen, I am wanting more. Such acute descriptions of the characters with each minute detail described deftly is rare. Additionally, Austen does narrate the story at a snail’s but at an engaging pace. If one is able to devote oneself to it, the story shall satisfy you. And for all the women out there, I would strongly suggest you pick this book because it is something we all need at this juncture of our time and life!


3 thoughts on “Sense And Sensibility – Book Review

  1. Jane Austen is a fantastic writer. My first read from her was “Pride and Prejudice” followed by “Emma”. Glad to know she keeps up the momentum in “Sense and Sensibility” as well. Nice review as usual. 🙂

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