Mental Health Representation In Books

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health has been gaining attention recently. There are movies, art, books which are bringing out the gravity of this subject. Till some years back, it was a topic which wasn’t broached for it was considered futile. People suffering from mental health issues didn’t discuss it because they were afraid of those who wouldn’t understand it. It is a pathetic thing to note that we do not assign any value to our mental health which has a big role in our wholesome well-being.

Mental health relates to emotional, psychological and social well-being. It directly affects our way of thinking and acting upon it. This book, What Mina Did, discusses and explores the subject methodically. The protagonist Mina is haunted by her gruesome past resulting in hallucinations, severe anxiety, and nightmares. But then she has her husband who understands her condition and lends a supporting hand. He wraps her with unconditional love and comfort which accounts for the immense healing of a mental health patient. This is what they need to cure themselves – understanding and affection. We shouldn’t be condemning it and casting it aside as a taboo. We shouldn’t be calling out names to people who are grappling with it. We shouldn’t outright throw it in the lurches saying that it doesn’t matter much! It does. It does matter because once you grasp its enormity, you’d know how grave a challenge it is. It needs careful treatment and yes, it does need a treatment like all other diseases. It needs to be tended to for the scars really don’t disappear with time.

Don’t form illogical and baseless opinions on mental health. We need to prick the bubble of our stereotypes to help our loved ones. Being trapped in the clutches of depression is a valid point in the highly stressful times we are living in, social anxiety is a ‘real’ thing, and we being humans should help the ones facing challenges rather than giving their problems a cold shoulder. Be humane!

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