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Make Your Own Luck – Book Review

  • Author: Bob Miglani, Rehan Yar Khan
  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing (1 October 2019)
  • Language: English

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We often hear people saying that they didn’t succeed because their ‘luck’ didn’t favor them. We would see others cribbing on having bad luck and thereby, tasting failure repeatedly. How much do we curse our luck!

Bob Miglani and Rehan Yar Khan have come together to expel our preconceived notions regarding success and take us through a thrilling ride of making our own luck. In this enlightening book, they have talked about the seven luck accelerators which would aid us in becoming successful in our respective lives. Along with sharing the luck bytes, they have gone a step ahead elaborating on their personal experiences to acquaint us with those luck accelerators. The writing is simple yet effective and engaging. Despite being non-fiction, I was totally immersed in the book.

The book also contains action plans at the end of each chapter which would significantly help us in improving ourselves. I highly recommend this one for its preciseness and abundance of practical knowledge. Some of my favorite points from this book are:

  1. You can control what you do every single day. Every single hour. Your choice is under your control. And it will be your choices that will make you luckier.
  2. Luck shouldn’t be left up solely to chance but shaped day in and day out by the driving force that moves the world forward: choice.
  3. Curiosity is the spark behind luck, chance, and randomness, greatly improving your odds of success in life. Follow that spark of curiosity quicky because it only flashes for a second. Be alert to it and follow it down the rabbit hole.
  4. Breaking out of mediocrity requires us to raise the level of understanding to a plane of mastery.
  5. Helping someone for the right reason is creating value of the highest order.
  6. We have a tendency to think big when we should ideally be thinking small. We should be thinking narrow.
  7. By being unique and following a divergent path, you are more likely to stand out and become visible to your customers, to your boss, and to your audience.
  8. You must constantly disrupt and diverge to stay ahead.
  9. The hard path is where we get the optimum growth, meet the best people, learn things we never could have imagined, feel every emotion and become better, stronger and more successful.
  10. The mind is a muscle and requires resistance and tension for it to grow. If we want to grow our mind and in turn, grow our life, we have to do what is hard.
  11. Always be experimenting in your life, business, job, career, and strategy. Develop the mindset that you should try many different ways to find the path to success.


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