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HOPE Across the Seasons | Sorceress | Book Review

  • Author: Sorceress aka Yogita Saini
  • Paperback: 202 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Hill Publications; First edition (2018)
  • Language: English

My Review

The fragile thread of hope binds us to the universe. It’s visceral, it’s beautiful; you feel the strings of hope playing music within you. Hope has this innate ability to keep you together when everything seems to fall apart.

HOPE Across The Seasons by Sorceress (pen name of Yogita Saini) is a poetic mix of different stages of love and life. The author’s pen name fits here as she creates a heady mix of relatable feelings and jots them down in a musical way. The book essentially consisted of one-liners, short poetry, and, prose. This is a kind of book you read when you want something light but soothing.

The book is divided into 4 sections – summer, autumn, fall, and spring. Each section comprises written pieces related to its meaning. For example, summer was about a new beginning while autumn was nearing the end and struggling to get over it. The pieces more or less revolved around love but they also touched the base with familial relationships, mental health, society, finding our own self, and most importantly, self-love. I believe that its diversity rendered it a pleasant reading experience for me. The writing is smooth, crisp, and the overall presentation was fine.

Now, although I am not a great fan of modern poetry to which this book closely resembled, I appreciate the author collecting her scattered bits and putting them up together for her readers. Modern poetry has an inherent problem with its structure and you are someone who doesn’t like it, you might not like this book either. It is a kind of book you enjoy during lazy afternoons or a rainy evening with a cup of your favorite beverage. It is, furthermore, the kind of book that fills you with hope by the end. Totally recommended to the beginners and to the ones who would want some light poetic reading.


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