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Adyakshar | Ankur Agarwal | Book Review

  • Author : Ankur Agarwal
  • Hardcover : 91 pages
  • Publisher : Blue Rose Publishers (7 August 2020)
  • Language : Hindi

My Review

Adyakshar by Ankur Agarwal is a collection of Hindi poems centered around the idea of ‘unrequited love.’ If you’ve ever been in love, one-sided at that, you might know how does it feel. That love is pure and firm but finds itself losing in the motion of time. That love is powerful but it does find itself trembling in the hustle-bustle of life. It is this love that comes alive in the author’s expression.

The poems capture the pain one collects in oneself as they live with the unreciprocated love. Amidst life, goals, and many virtues, one often finds themselves lonely. That loneliness stems from longing, the desire to spill the words on paper come from the feeling of incomplete existence, the wishful thinking of staying with your beloved springs from the memories. You remember, you drown more in pain. You remember, you drown more in pain. You feel from the deepest recesses of your heart and you’re bound to sob over the unfulfilled love.

My love for poetry is unending and reading a good poetry collection, in Hindi, is an absolute delight. The author has mentioned that this is his humble attempt at poetry. And quite beautifully, he wrote the words which are evocative and would probably remind of something or certain someone. As for writing, there is a blend of Urdu and Hindi that creates a good effect. With that being said, the overall presentation is lovely and someone who loves to indulge in Hindi poetry based on love would enjoy it.


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Adyakshar by Ankur Agarwal

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