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Author Interview – Minal Arora

Minal Arora, a therapist who is famous for her powerful expression to demystify the inner journey, is one of those few authors who has written about some very profound and intriguing subjects. In her book Maaya: A tryst with self, she delves into the depth of the twin-soul relationship. Her book INFiNITY is yet another amazing work of hers that brings out the eternal cycle of evolution of a soul on its path to self-recognition. Her books are widely popular for they seem relatable as they are inspired by her own experiences of life.

She dons several hats elegantly – be it an author, a therapist, a speaker, or a mentor. She has also been awarded as ‘100 INSPIRING AUTHORS OF INDIA‘ in Kolkata for her contribution to bringing awareness in the mass consciousness.

Award, Minal arora
Award Winning Author Minal Arora

In a candid talk, she touched several topics and aspects of life and writing. Read on to dig more into this mystical personality.

QUES: Please tell our readers about what it is to be like Minal Arora. Introduce yourself.

To be Minal Arora is being impulsive, an avid reader, a story teller, an intuitive and someone who is constantly amazed with life. I am a daughter and a mother too, along with being a mentor and in all of these roles, there are different facets of my personality that I live but all of them converge into being a person who unreasonably believes in love and the goodness of life.

QUES: Tell something in brief about your novel –INFiNITY.

INFiNITY is my second book. It is a non-fiction wrapped in a fiction. It carries profound wisdom about the purpose for which a soul chooses a human incarnation, elaborating on relationships, the sub-conscious mind, karma, life purpose, marriage, money, parenting, past lifetimes, god and healing. The book includes several examples from my case studies to exemplify how we live our past karma in our day to day life and relationships and it also carries insights into how one can go beyond it to create a content experience within self.

QUES: What inspired you to write INFiNITY and bring it in front of the world?

Book Launch, INFiNITY, Bookish Fame, Minal arora
Book Launch INFiNITY

INFiNITYis inspired by my life and learnings as a therapist and mentor. I have understood life from so many different perspectives owing to my work and my keenness to observe people and relationships and grow through each new understanding. At some point, I felt guided to share my learnings through a book since there are several who may never meet me for a session or a workshop and yet, they can benefit from the profound insights about a soul’s journey through human incarnation that I have shared in my book. I practice a modality called Serenity Surrender(SS) and I also used to practice Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) and both these paths have contributed immensely to my growth and I felt it will be wonderful if I can inspire more people to initiate or go deeper on their inner journey.

QUES: How did you get into writing in the first place? Is it a hobby or something you are pursuing professionally?

I wanted to make a manual for a 2-day residential retreat I had planned with a entrepreneur’s group who had invited me over. I decided to give them some material to carry with them and later ponder. Once I started writing it, I couldn’t stop and soon realized it was turning into a book. I just allowed myself to flow with it and that’s how INFiNITY was manifested.

QUES: From where do you draw ideas for your books or write-ups in general?

I would say from life and from my keenness to observe, contemplate, understand and imbibe the various dimensions of human life. This entire existence to me seems very miraculous and I am constantly in awe of the smallest things. I think that’s how I get inspired to write since I feel my expression starts over-flowing and, in that moment, penning it down seems to be the wisest choice. Also, I am a story teller at heart. I love to exemplify things and share everything like a story. That also is a reason why I have decided to write more and more fiction since I feel I am quite natural at it.

QUES: When you are not writing novels, how do you spend your time?

Writing is my passion but I am also a healer and a teacher. I have weekly healing workshops that I conduct which consume 2-4 days of my week, almost every week. Then I also do healing sessions, talks and sometimes some creative stuff. I have hundreds of students so a lot of time each day is dedicated to problem solving, guiding, understanding different situations in different people’s lives and then finding ways to help them. Doing all of this, I actually crave for time to write.

QUES: How would you describe the contemporary scenario of writing and reading in India?

Honestly, I am not very well versed with a lot of scenario of writing and reading in India since I usually keep to myself. However, through my recent interactions with authors at a few award events and otherwise, I feel more and more people are keen to write since as a whole in the society, expression is opening up. However, I feel India still lacks readers. There are not as many people who can appreciate good literature. People prefer movies and audios to reading. I believe reading as a habit is sort of losing its charm though I still reckon it’s the best thing that can happen to a person. An avid reader can understand life much more deeply and also find creative solutions to their life issues since they have lived in several stories through several perspectives to be able to trust and value their imagination and take things in their stride.

QUES: What is the best piece of writing advice you would like to give to the budding writers?

I would say just write what you can experience from deep within. What one writes has to come from a space within them and it will surely touch the hearts of their readers.

QUES: What is that one thing in life you feel you have done perfectly?

I don’t believe in Perfection. I feel we are constantly evolving and growing. Anything I will think I have done perfectly will mean I will stop looking forward to learning more in that aspect. I would like to believe I have perfectly accepted that nothing will ever be perfect and hence accepting this moment with all its imperfection is the best I can do.

QUES: If you are a travel freak, what kind of destinations attract you? Your favorite one?

I am not really a travel freak but yes I like to travel. I am not too much into History or seeing famous things. For me travel is just exploring the place, the food, the culture and I travel with no agenda. I like all kinds of travel including visiting high energy places like temples, etc.

QUES: Do you read books? If yes, which one is most dear to you?

Yes, I love books. I love all of Paulo Coelho’s work before “Winner stands alone”. Post that book I stopped pursuing his work. I love Harry Potter! I love Celestine Prophecy, Richard Bach’s work, Ekhart Tolle and a lot more. I read anything and I pick some little pieces of wisdom from whatever I read.

QUES: How does it feel like to be a superwoman handling work, family & of course, writing? How do you manage things?

I am very blessed in that regard. I have an extremely supportive set of parents whom I live with and my son also is quite mature and sensible right from being a kid. It’s not very difficult to handle everything. Yes, because of the kind of work I do, sometimes I am edgy and moody, but I am blessed with students and friends who understand this and give me space when I need it.

QUES: Are we going to read more from you in the near future? Any new project that you are working on?

Yes, I have just finished my third book, which currently is in the process of being adopted by a publishing house. It is a fiction and I am very excited about it. I have heard that it reveals how I have matured in my writing from my debut novel Maaya to this. I am currently writing a mythological fiction set in Kashi and that is my dream project. I am itching to reveal details about it but I think it’s too premature. I would share more about it once the manuscript takes a certain shape.

*We wish Minal all the best for her future endeavors.*




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