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KAALKOOT – Book Review

  • Author: S. Venkatesh
  • Paperback: 343 pages
  • Publisher: TreeShade Books (7 December 2018)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

A forgotten legend from the upper reaches of the Himalayas is rearing its ominous head.
The world will be brought to its knees. KaalKoot will strike again.
Only three people have a clue about the horrors that are about the unfold. The only hope for survival lies buried deep in the remotest corner of Himalayas. But a terrible fate awaits those who seek it.
Is it already too late? Is KaalKoot – the primordial plague – unstoppable?

My Review

Revolving around a mythical poison that was unearthed during the Samudra Manthan, the churning of the cosmic ocean, Kaalkoot is a fast-paced thriller which keeps you hooked to it right from page one.

The book focuses on a guy Sam who chases his missing girlfriend and comes in contact with a secret agent. Thereafter, as he unveils the many dark truths pertaining to some biochemical weapon which has the potential to unleash destruction all over the world, his life is turned upside down. Would he be able to reach the antidote of the destructive Kaalkoot? Would he be able to prove himself?

The book has a power punch start and instantly crawls into your veins. You feel the adrenaline rush as you proceed on a thrilling journey. The mystery behind the cryptic substance piques your interest and you want to know how it would intertwine itself with the storyline. After all the swift movements directed towards the unraveling of the secret, one is sure to finish it in a seating. The language is fantastic and so are the expressions. The character development is on point and distinctive. The research by the author behind developing this book is visible and is really a good point to be noted. From connecting history to the contemporary, the author has portrayed this mythical substance really well. I liked the character of the agent Damini who is strong though quick to suspect. The transition between different timelines is smooth and comprehensible.

What I felt lacking was the impact of an ending. Towards the end, I found the book losing its spell on me. Otherwise, this book proves to be a really nice read for someone who likes to dwell upon mystery and thrilling stuff.



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