A Letter To My Book

Dear Book,

On this special day of yours, I thought of kicking my gut to say a few words I ‘ve meaning to say to you for a long time.

So, a big thank you for being with me ever since I opened my eyes and started feeling this world. Thank you for holding my hand when I was naive and guiding me in the maze of this world. Thank you for listening to this timid girl who hardly could utter a word properly. Thank you for hearing out this girl who was always afraid to speak her heart clearly. Thank you for sitting beside me every single time when loneliness crept in my life stealthily and I was too weak to even shed tears. Thank you for being my friend when I had little of what I could term as friends and understanding me when I failed to make myself explain to the world. Thank you for being a kind soul to keep my rants and acts apart from the veil of any prejudices and judgments and lending a helping hand by just being there. Thank you for enlivening my life with wonderful stories and for taking me to the wonderland when I could not travel and all I wished was to explore. Thank you for absorbing all my pain I vent while holding you and flooding you with tears I could not bring out in front of the people. Thank you for understanding me in ways I could not understand myself. Thank you for being an unconditional support for this introvert girl. Thank you for feeling the burden of my heart and helping me to carry on despite hurdles. Thank you for pushing me ahead when all I wished was to stay behind the stage. Thank you for being my savior every time I felt weak in knees and couldn’t bring myself to just say out loud that it is hurting. Thank you for being the loving gem of my life as you understood my turmoil and never let it become the wall between us. Thank you for being there always and thank you for being mine forever!

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9 thoughts on “A Letter To My Book

  1. Wow. Superb πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸŽ»πŸŽ»πŸŽ»
    It’s nice to read your #letter to book on WORLD BOOKS DAY i.e. birth and death anniversary of great #William Shakespeare .
    Your thoughts are really awesome.
    My best wishes you always be best book lover .

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