Board A Life Beyond Boards!

Board Examinations and Students


After a grueling period of studying, revising, and repeating the process again every day, finally, the day arrives when the results come exploding the young minds and putting an air of celebration in their lives.

Board Exams are considered to be critical of anyone’s academic pursuit. They are seen to be important for getting into a reputed college or assuring a seat in a student’s favorite subject stream. Keeping aside all the recreation, the students grill themselves under immense pressure and make every possible effort to outshine their peers. However, the end result comes cascading their lives and very few could outlast it.

To talk about the ones who fail to live up to their own expectations is my primary agenda here. Students, when couldn’t cross their own mark of aspirations, shatter. Given a very narrow choice of options to choose from, the students find it hard to cope with their selected subjects.

Physics may not excite everyone, mathematics wouldn’t find its home in everyone, biology may not certainly become the thing to wake up to memorizing for all, commerce might not just fit into some brains, and humanities – poor humanities shall not be absorbed and devoured by our little naive friends.

In a fiercely competitive atmosphere, it is hard to pull off the wagon happily. Depression is bound to touch the surface and then spread far and wide nibbling at your confidence. The topper shall make it to anywhere good but the average finds it extremely hard to make a place of his own. And that’s where the alarm is raised!

What we are supposed to do is to accept and embrace the results, without any hard feelings. Learn from the journey and savor its fruits – be it bitter or sweet. A plethora of opportunities exists for those willing to DO. Identify your passion, make a promise, chart your path, and MOVE. I know it’s easier said than done but then, trying is important. Taking a step is important rather than lying in shambles. Life doesn’t end when you could not make it to top. You need to blend well with all its shades. Millions are vying altogether to reach somewhere. You have to decide where is your place and which road you ought to take!

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