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Krishna & Ganesha’s Secret – Book Review

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This is my first book by Devdutt Pattanaik and I couldn’t agree more that he stands as a fantastic weaver of Indian mythology. Ganesha’s Secret is a brief account of the mythology behind Lord Ganesha who represents abundance mindset. Several theories behind his birth are put forth lucidly. The book deals with the lesser-known facts about Ganesha and the reasons behind him being called Vinayaka and Ganapati. How does Ganesha’s presence relate to the knowledge and wealth are also described well.


I loved each thing discussed here thoroughly. Right from Lord Shiva’s act of beheading Ganesha to Ganesha trying his best to not let the Shiva Lingas be placed in Lanka, everything was mesmerizing. One should definitely read the author’s work to get an idea behind the prominent notions regarding our mythology. What would intrigue you as a reader will be the narrative’s uniqueness of content as well its sheer simplicity.



In my thirst of devouring more from Devdutt Pattanaik, I picked up yet another short book his – Krishna’s Secret which is more or less a retelling of Krishna in the times of Mahabharata. Through a deft description of the instances from Krishna’s life, the author attempts to put forth a few enlightening words. He maneuvers through the chronicles of Makhanchor’s life and talks about his role, primarily in the battle of Mahabharata. He points towards his two mothers, to his love Radha, to his affection for cows and to his fiery spirit of defeating Adharma. Krishna is regarded as Leela Purushottam, the player of life, and this is described in the book perfectly.


One could definitely read it to have a light reading experience. But since there’s not much that meets the eye and unique, you might pass it.


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