Stop Comparing And Start Living! – Path To A Fulfilling Life

Stuck between accepting our true self and trying to mold and fit into others’ frames of expectations, we certainly spend our entire lives fidgeting with the two contrasting thoughts. We look, we feel, we measure, and we set ourselves on a mode of comparing. We compare our goals, our happiness, our grief, our progress, and everything that is, in reality, exclusive to us. But we are adamant on becoming like someone else.

It is good to attain perfection but never, and I mean it, never at the expense of your uniqueness. You can be perfect in the ways which would only define you. Won’t that make you happy, to be at a point where there is only one YOU but plenty of THEM? Why let this monster of comparison eat you from inside and rob you of your joy? Why let the inferiority complex drive you away from being happy? Why would you insanely chase what handful of things others have while you have an option to have the whole of you to you?

You can work on refining yourself. You can groom and pamper yourself. And self-obsession is not a blot on your being. So, chuck off the people who tell you otherwise. In this world, there are hardly people who would believe in you and love you for exactly you are. Treasure them and value yourself. In the changing landscape of furious competition and brimming negativity, it is an easier thing to be comfortable in your skin and try pleasing just one person – You! Compete against yourself and look forward to achieving new avenues in your journey. Trust in the process and in your abilities. And also, don’t compare your past with the present. That would indeed make you sadder. No two phases were ever meant to be the same and so, you must endure the dark one to proceed towards the light. And ‘live in the moment‘ is not merely a philosophical thought but a truth we ought to live by!

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8 thoughts on “Stop Comparing And Start Living! – Path To A Fulfilling Life

  1. Beautifully written, something that we know but still fall into the pace of social standings and valuations.
    May be, just may be, to find a place and to be appreciated. Uniqueness should be treasured but sometimes decisions are taken out of considerations of responsibilities.
    Its a continuing battle of heart and mind.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  2. I love this post! And, I have already sort of put its thinking into action by unsubscribing to Facebook. Yes, it was fun, but I found myself thinking, “Gee it must be nice to have family around to celebrate birthdays and occasions with…to take a cruise…to go to Disney World. I find myself much more satisfied and happy with my own life and my true blessings (which wouldn’t impress anyone, but mean a great deal to me). I am definitely over my “jealousy” or covet-ness of the experiences others have that I don’t.

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    1. I am so happy to know that you took the first step. Of late, I have been thinking to take some break from social media as well. It is time consuming as well as toxic some times. Hopefully, I would be able to take some help from your act. Thanks 🙂

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