6 Years Of YJHD

Remembering YJHD

Hey, favorites forever,

Naina and Bunny – the two extremes, the two opposites, strung far by the eccentricities of their characters and who landed up together due to their inevitable differences. It was those differences in your personalities which made both of you fall in love with each other. A strange thing to happen, but isn’t love and life supposed to be different from our fantasies which are drop-dead perfect!

Naina, you gave me my trademark spectacles which I don’t see could be replaced anytime soon. You were the symbol of the perfect love – the one that only loves and not expects it to be reciprocated. The one that waits fondly not waiting for the other person to return. You were responsible, nerd, shy, strong, and beautiful woman. You could sing, you could fight, you could score over others not just in exams but in trekking too, you could dance like a crazy, and roam around like a perfect beauty. Such a flawless character!

Bunny, you were full of flaws. And yet, you would always stand as a character beyond perfect for me. You valued your dreams like nobody else, you valued your friends like nobody else, and though you took time in finding that ‘perfect’ love, you made the confession in the style. The time you told Naina to stop pitying herself and instead start loving herself is still fresh in my mind. You gave me hope, you gave me clarity, you gave me a vision, and yes, you indeed introduced me to reality. You are everything I would ever desire in the man I love. Your unrelenting desire to keep moving fueled my spirit. And your damn smile, I did experience that ‘butterflies in the belly’ shit. You are the one I connected purely based on instinct. I never want to stop just because going on is the true essence of life. You are the one who collected my pieces and strung them together to tell me that I can fall in love with myself.

Both of you inspired me in distinct ways. While I find love in Naina, I found life in Bunny. On one hand, I would want to be as lucky as Naina was to get Bunny, on the other hand, I wish to be as brave as Bunny was to pursue his dreams. I found parts of me in both of you and so, I love You people beyond words.

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