Letting Go! – Poem by Khyati Gautam

It’s tough

To let that thing in your hand

Let go.

Because you are addicted

To its presence,

You are in control of the voice

That asks you to hold it.

You want it to be there

To satisfy your ego, maybe/

You want it to be

Under your paws

To heal yourself because

This is what you beleive in.

Trying out all ways

To keep holding onto that ‘thing’

To let it be with you, or

In you

Till the time

It becomes completely yours OR you.

But, one day you realize

That your palms are clammy

That there’s itchiness

Maybe, that thing is pushing you

Maybe, it does not want to be with you

Or just maybe, you are tired

To just keep it in or with you.

And then, you just let it go.

To set it free

And liberate you!

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7 thoughts on “Letting Go! – Poem by Khyati Gautam

  1. Khyati! Absolutely beautiful composition on letting go, inner emotions alive, the various emotions affecting us the sensations on our hands. How true. One of the best things read this morning.


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