Live More Than Death

Life is sitting at the edge of burning out and the fear of not living enough is crippling it. Why is it that we tend to realize the value of something only when it starts running away from us? Why don't we love before the remorse of not being able to love enough endangers our… Continue reading Live More Than Death


You Left, Just Like That… – Poem

Goodbyes are hard to say but even then, they are important. This poem expresses the emotions of a girl who is reminiscing her love and its sudden departure from her life. This abruptness hurts her, breaks her heart and all she is left with are memories and pain! 


Being Flawsome – Poem

Being Flawsome means to be awesome with your flaws. Irrespective of the cracks in your soul, if one chooses to be happy and constantly strive to do better, one is rightly said to be flawsome. Here's a poem that talks about embracing your flaws!