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Serve First, Lead Last by Frederick Littles – Book Review

  • Author: Frederick J. Littles
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 141 pages

Book Review (1)

Have you ever heard of the term ‘servant leadership?’ What kind of a leader is a servant? Sounds amusing, eh? But yes, great leaders are the servants and their servitude makes them brilliant and remarkable.

A servant-leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong. The servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first, and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. 

Serve first, lead last by Frederick Littles is narrative non-fiction on the subject of servant leadership. This is not the concept for corporate leaders but could be very well applied in our individual lives.

The book focuses on explaining the definition of servant leadership. And I absolutely liked the concept – serve your people first, be a leader later. The author goes on to express the five dimensions of humanity one of which is to serve. He advocates the nine levels of servant leadership. The author has incorporated his own life experiences to present the content more candid and comprehensible. He talks about how a servant leader can impact the lives of others to do more, dream more, and be more. Servant leadership is a great quality to inculcate in oneself to achieve personal growth and contribute significantly to that of others. Leadership must be more about serving others rather than controlling them. This creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace and does wonder. The simple writing coupled with good narration makes it easy to grasp the content of the book.

In all, it’s an amazing book to learn about something unique, something different i.e. servant leadership.


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