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Secrets of the Seers: Book 1 Veil of Shakti | Tina Sadhwani

  • Author: Tina Sadhwani
  • Paperback: 292 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; First edition (2016)
  • Language: English

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Secrets of the Seers by Tina Sadhwani is a fictional account of a seemingly true story. It is about an ordinary monk, Suka, who eventually becomes the chosen initiate. He is admitted to the Aryavarts School of Yog where he is to learn to use his divine power. Already sounds exciting, right? And yet there is more to it. I say, read the book.

The book is an effortless blend of multiple genres. There is fantasy, mythology, and tied bits of history. It has magic but more than that, it is authentic. The author portrays the essential life skills through the characters of this book. The book takes us on a journey of self-exploration via Suka. The author made special efforts in incorporating references and quotes from great scriptures and many documents available out there. That added a mystic touch to Suka’s story of going beyond the veil of shakti.

The lucid language and subtle writing added to the charm of the book. Moreover, the characters appeared powerful and played their role significantly. The book is designed to give one a spiritual upliftment. And it does accomplish its goal, with grace. Some beautiful lines grabbed my attention and made me contemplate life and power. It drove me towards considering my perspective of life and of course, do some mental gymnastics. And in that process, in my absolutely honest opinion, I got a bit tired.

The narrative got heavy at a few places. And I did struggle with navigating my way through it. However, it was a matter of time before things got relatively easy. I would appreciate the author’s ability to play with words effectively and create vivid scenes. At the same time, the narration was taut and clean. Secrets of the Seers is a book that demands you to be patient. If only you can keep yourself put, you will enjoy it. Beginners, you may take some time before diving into this one. Or you may go ahead reading it at your own risk. And to the ones who love refined writing and mythology, give it a shot!


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