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She Was A Warrior All Along | Lezel Simons | Book Review

  • Author: Lezel Simons
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 70 pages
  • Language: English

Book Review

She Was A Warrior All Along‘ by Lezel Simons is a collection of poems dealing with love, heartbreak, and eventual inclination toward self-love. The poems in this book have ‘love’ at its center.  And the poems do portray how the purity of love does transform into the toxicity as well.

The poems have an underlying message of ‘pain is a gift.‘ And don’t we all believe so? We do. We do come to believe in this as we tread ahead on the path of our lives. The poems speak of falling in love, cherishing the blissful presence of love, and immersing oneself in its glory. However, they also stand vocal for accepting and acknowledging the pain when love goes away. They say that we must not despise crying and falling apart. After all, destruction is a part of nature.

And once we are done with the admission of pain, only then do we get over it. We grow through what we go through. Once love leaves us to lie in tears and shambles, we learn to love our own selves. We learn to appreciate our strength. A love that didn’t give us love but lessons, an important lesson to believe in oneself. And as you do conquer your inner being, is there anything that can stop you? Aren’t we bound by the limits we put on ourselves? Aren’t we stopping ourselves from becoming invincible warriors?

Although the theme of the book was lovely, the poems fared just okay-ish for me. Modern poetry doesn’t bode well with me, you know. I would have genuinely liked the book if the poems were more in sync with the structure and rhythm of poetry. The beginners might give it a try but serious poetry buffs might not like it.

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