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Finding Success Within – 52 Life Skills for Young Indians | Vivek Atray | Book Review

  • Author: Vivek Atray
  • Genre: Self-help
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Invincible Publishers (22 January 2020)
  • Language: English

Book Review

We often seek success outside. We tend to chase it as if it lies elsewhere. In fact, these days there is a constant hustle for success, both professional as well as personal. Everyone wants to lead the utopian life ensconced in happiness and glorious positivity. However, the question is how to get to that elusive success, that seemingly unachievable perfection.

Finding Success Within by Vivek Atray is a self-help guide to direct you towards achieving success in all aspects of your life. The 52 lessons in the book essentially cover a variety of touchpoints related to career and life skills. In a way, the book appears ideal for a yearly transformation plan. 52 weeks, 52 lessons – and you are good to go!

The fact I liked the most about this book was its presentation. Each chapter covers a specific topic such as being enthusiastic, a team player, a good spouse, etc. Although I wouldn’t say the lessons are exhaustive in nature, they pretty much provide for some crucial points to consider and focus upon in our daily lives. Right from choosing a suitable career to a suitable spouse, from upskilling yourself to beat the increasing demands of the market to acquiring essential parenting skills; the book has it all.

It also pays attention to our mindfulness, learning compassion, and imbibing integrity in our lives. In a nutshell, the book covers a diverse mix of subjects with ease. The lucid writing style coupled with the effective structure of the content makes this non-fiction easy to read and absorb. My only issue with the book turned out to be its not up to the mark editing which sprung into action at quite some places. I would suggest the author go for a round of strict editing for future editions.

To conclude, this book makes it clear that the path to success lies with you. Be it your career or your relationships, you need to put in efforts to get the quality. And in the journey towards gaining excellence, never push back your integrity and peace of mind!


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