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Seven Broken Souls | Bull Durham | Book Review

  • Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. (18 December 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 222 pages

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Memoir isn’t the summary of a life; it’s a window into a life, very much like a photograph in its selective composition. It may look like a casual and even random calling up of bygone events. It’s not; it’s a deliberate construction.
William Zinnser

Seven Broken Souls by Bull Durham is the story of tormented childhood by the abusive parents leading up to the making of a broken human. This memoir makes you flinch with the details and puts you in a place to understand how terrifying things can be. It is a book written with accumulated pain and much candour.

Bull bares his life in the book as he recalls growing up at his house with his siblings and horrible parents. His father gave him life-long seizures while his mother’s boyfriend abused him. As Bull narrates his turmoil of being through the times of physical and emotional abuse, it’s hard not to squirm because that’s how bad it really was. I believe one’s childhood, if not shaped well, can result in a fractured human. However, Bull proved me wrong as he didn’t let his pain stop him from achieving bigger things, later in his life.

Bull and his siblings had a hard time living with their parents. Each of them had a reason to fall apart from the ‘family’ they had. As for Bull, he moved out of the ‘safe’ space of his parents’ with merely 20 Dollars. He went on to work hard to provide himself with the education and then became a Vice President at one of the nations largest banks. This was until he turned a whistleblower. Bull shares that he lived with integrity despite all the setbacks. His story substantiates his argument very well.

Bull also talked about his love life that didn’t run well. However, he tried his best to be better at everything he did. His persistence is praiseworthy and so is his resilience. By the end, he mentions that one has to learn to love themselves before loving someone else. And isn’t it the ultimate truth? We really need to put emphasis on self-love. That’s how we grow in the right way!

Go ahead picking up Seven Broken souls if you’re in the right mental space.

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