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Untold Paths of Life | Versha Chaudhary | Book Review

  • Author: Versha Chaudhary
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1st edition (18 January 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 84 pages

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Untold Paths of Life is a collection of poems that unfolds the stories of paths I have experienced or felt over the years. It has different layers which you shall uncover from within. The lines of the poems are like strings of guitar which aligns with the tune of heart and creates magic. Read these poems when you want to relive the moments, understand peoples’ sufferings, cherish the little things, or to feel the emotions you have never felt before. This book has been my to and fro cycle as I was unsure if I should give my poems a shot. If you are reading this, I have finally made it so give this book a chance.

Book Review

Are you scared of treading unconventional paths in life or would you always prefer to walk on the beaten path?

Untold Paths of Life by Versha Chaudhary is a short poetry collection of 75 pieces that revolve around a wide variety of themes. The poems are written in lucid language but some of them perform fairly when it comes to conveying a certain depth.

The collection has pieces on love, longing, life, dreams, and LGBTQ+ community. The book doesn’t follow any particular structure as we find poems belonging to different themes on every page. Moreover, the free-flowing verses, despite not being exactly poetic, raise some pertinent questions. For example, one of them compels the reader to think hard about loneliness. Another forces one to shed some thought to the impact one’s lover leaves on them after they’ve disappeared.

While not all the pieces intrigued me, a few did leave me with a happy surprise.

As a debut book, the young writer, Versha, has done a good job. I commend her for taking that one courageous step and bring out the book comprising her random musings, thoughts, and reveries. I do hope to see more impactful work from her in the years to come.

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