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Blink | Michael Riggs | Book Review

  • Author: Michael Riggs
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Print length:183 pages

Book Review

I am not an avid fantasy reader. However, I do come across fantasy books, occasionally, and find myself loving them, almost every time. The recent addition to my strangely small but lovable list of fantasy reads is Blink.

Blink by Michael Riggs is a mysterious and adventurous tale of Brody who is on a hunt to find his missing father. He dreams of wolves and meets a strange girl. He is timid but trying to change himself into a stronger human. However, an unexpected event transports him to an alien planet. Now, he is with Sky and while they find themselves blushing with a blossoming love, they are to unravel some secrets.

The story starts in a contemporary setting with Brody Calix trying to fight his bully. In between, he has to brave the inner demons that pull him to another world. His story of staying rooted in his friendships and love warmed up my heart. I found the narrative of a new planet stunning. The author managed to paint a vivid description of the planet and its inhabitants. All the while, the banter and playful exchanges gave me pleasant moments.

The most interesting part of Blink is the concept behind it which I’d not reveal to give you spoilers. Trust me, you’ll love it!

Well conceived and written, Blink is a story that symbolises imaginative writing and wonderful storytelling. The choice of words and expressions made the narration interesting. The imperfectly perfect characters and their fair amount of contribution to the plot development made the reading experience fun. Now that book has ended on a cliffhanger, I am eagerly looking forward to the second in the series!

I would recommend this book to fantasy lovers. They will love the concept behind Blink and a very heartwarming story.

My ratings: 4/ 5

Purchase the copy here Blink

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