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Reasons to Kill God – Book Review

  • Author: I V Olokita
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Paperback: 142 pages
  • Publisher: Independently Published (24 December 2018)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

“If you are able to write 180 pages of your memoir without putting the pen down, I might let you live…”
Klaus Holland loves no one other than himself. He victimizes people for being Jews or for just being alive. He is an old Nazi criminal who escaped to Brazil and was caught and prosecuted. He is now forced to write his memoirs as part of his punishment – the same punishment he used to give Jews at the concentration camp. This punishment makes him remember and re-live his cruelty as the concentration camp commander and as a man.

Deus Esperanca learns from his mother that what he believed to be his family’s history, was just a bunch of lies. He discovers that his real father is Klaus Holland – the sadistic Nazi fugitive. Having this information and his father being aware of what he knows, their lives intertwine and create chaos.

My Review

The history of Nazi concentration camps where the Jews were brought and tortured to death is well known. I have read about Nazi rule during my school days and have developed a sense of disliking for their inhuman behavior. This book just brings out a story from those times.

Klaus Holland aka Matheus Esperanca who is a Nazi fugitive hiding in Brazil loves himself. After six years of his encounter with a pregnant prostitute, he comes to know of his son Deus. He picks him up from an orphanage and rears him along with another of his lovely ladies Klara. It is after years when Deus decides to unbury the truth behind his identity and family which leads him to Professor Balaguer and his wife Heidi. Eventually, Deus and Heidi fall in love with each other and settle for a family. Klaus who is being tried at the court of U.S.A confesses his brutal ways of killing his victims back at the concentration camps. But one day as he stumbles upon a photo of his son, his wife & his grandchild, something clicks and this overwhelms him. He is filled with remorse and guilt. Read the book to find out why?

In a truly fascinating manner, the author attempts to bring forth the life of a war criminal. He describes his characters so well that their lives with its set of challenges appear palpable. Klaus’ demonic ways of killing his victims made me hate him. His self-obsession truly infuriated him. But his last days saw in him the emergence of a human being. I liked how the story began and developed holistically. I didn’t find any loophole or any unnecessary dragging. The pace was perfect and the narrative crisp and engaging. Also, the information about world war 2 has been traced adequately well. The flow of the narrative kept me hooked to the story. However, I disliked the treatment of women characters. Agreed that the atrocities inflicted upon them portrayed reality but why a woman is objectified with her prime motive to just bend down and satisfy a man’s carnal desires? This particular thing didn’t interest me. Otherwise, the book is pretty good in its overall approach.

I would seriously recommend this book for its good content on history and short length!

MY RATING: 4/ 5 




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