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The Orange by Eric C. Goose

  • Author: Eric C. Goose
  • Pages: 28
  • Language: English

Book Review (3)

The Orange by Eric C. Goose is my second book by the author who expresses an important subject with graphics and poetry. As the name suggests, The Orange is about an orange that comes into power and then brings autocratic rule in his region. He becomes too full of himself and forgets about everything he promised with so much sincerity. He throws people out of the country and laughs at his display of brute power and authority.

But for how long would he survive?

What are leaders without their subjects?

What are leaders without the support of others?

A leader is a leader but not God. They need the backing of others to rise to power. Their sole duty is to serve their fellow men.

The Orange is poetic and deep that speaks aloud for everything that can go with a self-obsessed ruler. I find it amusing how Eric employs poetry and vivid storytelling to put across the right point. The graphics are on point and the entire narrative is, powerful and hooking and thought-provoking. It clearly promotes social equity and the need to be free.

Pick it up, without any second thoughts and if you do, let’s connect to discuss it.

Until next time, happy reading.

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